About Us:

Here, our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care while maintaining the highest standards of friendly customer service our patients can find in the area. We strive to do all this in a Christian environment where you are treated as a valued family member. Whether you are eight, 80, or any age in between, Dr. Zoltan T. Berky has the expertise to provide you with the best oral care available. Forget everything you’ve heard about getting braces, because Dr. Berky and his incredible team’s use of high-tech processes delivers the most accurate and remarkable results quickly and in comfort. We want you to leave with a 1000-watt smile and a renewed sense of confidence. We believe our work’s affects reach beyond your teeth and jaw line. We work to provide orthodontic care that is life changing.

We believe that offering a broad range of services at a professional level is important and even necessary to give you the best treatment possible. Also, some of the services we are certified in and technology we use are unique to our practice.

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